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A Leader In Sustainable Edible Oils


Apical Group Ltd is one of the largest exporters of palm oil in Indonesia. It owns and controls an extensive spectrum of the palm oil business value chain from sourcing to distribution and is engaged in the refining, processing and trading of palm oil for both domestic use and international export.

The Group operates four refineries, one biodiesel plant and a crushing plant in Indonesia and China. Our new refineries use state-of-the-art technologies, reflecting our commitment to developing world-leading facilities and products. Apical's business model is built on three core strengths:

  • A reliable and broad CPO sourcing network in Indonesia.
  • Full integration of efficient primary and secondary refinery assets at strategic locations in Indonesia and China.
  • Efficient logistic channels supported by Apical's own infrastructure to deliver quality CPO and PPO to a well-diversified clientele ranging from international trade houses to local industrial buyers.

This business model allows the Group to control quality, address sustainability, ensure efficiency and synergy at every step of the value chain and create value for all stakeholders.

Apical is managed by RGE Pte Ltd, which also manages other world-class resource-based manufacturing companies, delivering quality end-products to businesses and millions of people around the world.

While Apical was formed in 2006 to consolidate the downstream palm oil business of RGE, the downstream business activities actually started much earlier in 1989 with the acquisition of a 300 tons per day palm oil refinery in Tanjung Balai, Sumatra, by the Asian Agri group. Today, Apical operates the Tanjung Balai refinery and partners Asian Agri for long-term and reliable CPO supplies.