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Our philosophy is to be the best


Apical's business comprises the following major activities:
  • Refining and Fractionation of CPO (Crude Palm Oil), CPKO (Crude Palm Kernel Oil) and Soy Oil.
  • Crushing of Palm Kernels.
  • Production of Shortening, Margarine and Powder Fat, Biodiesel and Glycerin, Crude Fatty Oil.
  • Production of Fatty Acids and Glycerol
  • Merchandising and Distribution of CPO and PPO (Processed Palm Oil) to the Global Market.
Refineries and Plants
  • Apical operates 4 refineries, a biodiesel plant, a fats splitting plant and a crushing plant located in Indonesia and China. Our refineries have a total capacity of 3.70 million metric tonnes per annum. The primary processing facilities and storage tanks are located near the raw material sources in Indonesia whilst the secondary manufacturing facilities are located close to the industrial zones of major cities which enable us to tap large bases of consumers. Our 52ha processing complex at Lubuk Gaung, Dumai, operates in a bonded zone, which offers quick documentation processing, efficient berthing and on time sailing of the vessels from a 1km long private jetty. Our Marunda plant is located near the Tg Priok container terminal, which facilitates on time delivery and export of our shipments. The efficient logistics result in cost advantages for Apical and its customers.
Indonesia Map Area
Indonesia Map Area
Investment in Technology
  • Our world-class refineries utilize state-of-the-art technologies to ensure that the required quality specifications are met. Integrated storage and bulking facilities enable the maintenance of product quality and special needs are met during storage.
Strong Infrastructure Support
  • Apical's refining operations are well supported by our own logistics infrastructure, which includes our own jetty for convenient loading and transportation, shore storage tanks, a truck fleet, a barge fleet, water desalination facilities and a 30MW power plant (The power plant has been completed. ).
Committed to being the Best
  • Our philosophy is to be the best. Our refinery sizes offer commercial advantages and allow for economies of scale that enable investments in key central functions such as Research and Development and an effective financial control function. The resulting benefits for our customers are competitive prices, secure supply, product quality, consistency and customized solutions.