Our Products

Apical produces fresh, quality palm oil products through the processing of CPO in our internationally certified refineries.

Our major products are CPO (Crude Palm Oil), various forms of PPO (Processed Palm Oil) and PPKO (Processed Palm Kernel Oil). CPO is a versatile vegetable oil which can be processed into a variety of edible products such as cooking oil, margarine, shortening and specialty fats. It is also processed to be used for industrial applications including personal care products, animal feed, flavouring, home care goods as well as lubricants, polymers and industrial chemicals.

Some of these products are instant noodles, soaps and detergents, shampoo, fabric softeners, emulsifiers, fatty alcohols, resin, surface-active agents, fatty acid, soap noodles, glycerin and biodiesel used for transportation.

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Product Certifications

Our palm oil products are Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) certified for food safety, and halal and kosher certified.

We also adhere to PORAM’s (Palm Oil Refiners Association of Malaysia) standards for PPO and can create our product specifications according to customers’ requirements.

Through continuous innovation and improvement, Apical is able to meet food manufacturers’ stringent quality requirements for oils and fats.

Our Products

  • Sustainable refined palm oil
  • Sustainable refined palm fractions
  • Sustainable refined palm kernel oil
  • Tailor-made blend solutions
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Our business revolves around being one of the largest producers of responsibly sourced palm oil including its derivatives.

The oils and fats we produce cater to both food and non-food applications such as for bakeries, confectioneries, dairy replacement, frying oils and industrial applications including coatings and candle fats.

We also provide technical support and application advice as well as product customisation to suit our customers’ needs.

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Fatty acid

APICID Fatty Acid is palm based and various chains of fatty acid is produced through the splitting, fractionation and distillation process. It has wide usage, including for personal care, cosmetics, detergents, soap, pharmaceuticals, food, lubricants, paints and coating, resins, rubber and plastics, textiles auxiliaries, waxes, candles, animal feed, candles, fatty derivatives like fatty esters, FAME, fatty alcohol, fatty amine and fatty amides.

Refined Glycerine

APICID Refined Glycerine is colorless, odorless and sweet tasting.
Our glycerine is widely used in personal care, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, surface coating, inks, tobacco products, textiles, lubricants, solvent, emollients, thickening agent, urethane, polymers, soap, sweetener (for food & beverage and confectioneries). It is also used as an intermediate in the production of epichlorohydrin, anti-freeze, and propylene glycol.

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Soap Noodles

APISALT Soap Noodles is palm based and used for soap bar, cosmetic, toiletry soap, laundry soap and industrial soap.

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Part of our higher value added products are further refined in our biodiesel facilities in Indonesia and Spain.

In 2012, our Sari Dumai Sejati and Cemerlang Energi Perkasa (CEP) biodiesel plants in Dumai were certified by the ISCC and RSPO.

In order to mitigate the effects of climate change and support the transition to a low-carbon economy, there is a need to explore alternative sources of energy which are reliable, affordable and sustainable.

With the increasing global energy demand, we believe that sustainably produced biofuels will be a part of the solution. To reduce fossil fuel imports, the Indonesian government successfully implemented the use of B20 in 2018, a fuel blend with a bio-content of 20%.

Apical worked with the government on this implementation by participating in focus group discussions. We are a member of the Independent Power Producers Association (EBTKE) tasked to manage, evaluate and conduct testing.

We will continue to collaborate with the local government with the B30 mandate (fuel blend with a bio-content of 30%) kicking off in 2020.

Within our own operations, we are constantly looking for ways to reduce our electricity consumption and suppliers to do the same.