I am pleased to present our 2021 Sustainability Report. As we continue to grow and expand our downstream value-added business, sustainability is deeply rooted and integrated throughout our operations and supply chain. Sustainability remains at the heart of our business and has been key to our performance in 2021 as we navigate the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

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Ranked as the 2nd Most Transparent Palm Oil Company by SPOTT with a score of 89.4%

Secured first sustainability-linked loan of US$750 Million

Achieved a B Score from CDP based on the Forests assessment

Developed the Apical2030 framework, with 10 ambitious and time-bound targets across four strategic pillars

Prioritised 9 UNSDGs for their strong alignment with our commitments

Maintained 100% Traceability to Supplying mills since 2015

Achieved 99.7% Traceability to Plantations for all our refineries

Achieved 96% Traceability to Plantations for CPKO suppliers

Achieved 86% for the Delivering category (volume from third-party suppliers that are deforestation free based on the NDPE IRF)

Engaged 100% of suppliers through at least one of our Anchor programmes

100% suppliers monitored through remote-sensing technology Global Forest Watch (GFW) Pro & Global Land Analysis & Discovery (GLAD) third-party assessment using Transform Platform

Planted 2,000 mangrove trees with Jakarta’s Park and Forest Service

Received the Green PROPER for energy efficiency in our AAJ Marunda refinery

Engaged 600 smallholders through our SMILE programme

Distributed over 3,000 oxygen concentrators to healthcare authorities

Awarded prizes and financial assistance to 234 underprivileged students

Conducted an entrepreneurship training course for 300 women



As part of the Apical2030 framework, we have set ten ambitious and time-bound targets across four strategic pillars: Transformative Partnerships, Climate Action, Green Innovation, and Inclusive Progress. The targets set are closely linked to the Group’s 5Cs business philosophy, our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) targets, and the nine UNSDGs we prioritised. To achieve these targets, we will be working very closely with our partners, suppliers and local communities. Our strategic pillars and targets are detailed below.



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