Note: This data includes all Apical’s operations and is updated as of September 2019. Figures here are updated every quarter.



Traceability to all supplying palm oil mills


Traceability to Plantations
*Subscribes to the SLWG working definition of traceability

Supply Chain Risk Assessments

Apical has conducted risk assessment on our supplying mills by refineries to prioritize supplier engagement. A total of 379 CPO mills have been assessed via the MPP methodology as of September 2019


Suppliers Engagement by Programme

Apical has implemented tailored Anchor Programmes since 2015 for supplier prioritisation and engagement as well as capacity building through field visits, face-to-face meetings and workshops. Almost 93% of supplying CPO mills have been engaged through at least one of these programmes.


*PSEP: Priority Supplier Engagement Programme
*SVP: Shared Value Programme
*TOP: Traceability Outreach Programme

Grievance Management

Less than 10% of all supplying mills have been implicated in grievance issues.

Closed: Resolved /Issue addressed