Our Leadership

We are continuously driven by our highly experienced leaders who are shaping Apical’s sustainable and scalable business for a better tomorrow.


As the President of Apical, Dato’ Yeo How oversees the entire spectrum of the Group’s agri-business value chain including refining, downstream processing into renewable fuel, oleochemicals, functional fats and trading.

An industry veteran with a wealth of experience in finance, palm-based manufacturing and commodity trading, Dato’ Yeo was named ‘Best CFO in Malaysia’ by Finance Asia.

Dato’ Yeo is also a Certified Public Account by training and was actively involved in the accounting profession in various capacities.

Executive Director

Pratheepan Karunagaran is the Executive Director of Apical. He is responsible for the Group’s Bulk and Value Added downstream business, Sustainability Roadmap, long-term growth strategy and expansion of Apical’s downstream business segment.

In his capacity, he also spearheads Apical’s path into new and emerging markets, its entry into the renewable fuel business and manages the Group’s overall focus on continuous improvement, people and culture.

Pratheepan has over 20 years of experience at senior leadership roles across the commodity space including rice, sugar, oil seeds and edible oils processing, production of value added products as well as agro commodities trading and merchandising in Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe.

He holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (United States).

Executive Director, Growth & Acting Palm Head for China

As the Executive Director, Jerry is responsible for Apical’s growing business segments. In his capacity, he also serves as the Acting Head for Apical’s business and overall operations in China.

Jerry has over 20 years of experience in the agriculture and food industry and has helmed leadership roles in prominent companies across China.

He holds an MBA from the Wharton School of Business and Bachelor’s Degree from
Nankai University in Tianjin, China.

Head of Oleochemicals Business

As the Head of Apical’s Oleochemicals Business, Benn Tang leads the Group’s oleochemicals growth projects and drives the overall efficiency of the business unit.

Prior to joining Apical in 2017, Benn served as the Business Director at a prominent chemical-based business.

Benn holds a Bachelor of Chemistry from University Putra Malaysia and an MBA from the International Management Centres (UK).

Head of Functional Fats Business

As the Head of Apical’s Functional Fats Business, Michael van Sallandt is responsible for the global business development opportunities and overall growth of Apical’s Functional Fats division.

He has an extensive experience in project management, supply chain, operations, business development and general management among others. Prior to joining Apical, Michael worked with prominent manufacturers in the Netherlands and Malaysia.

Michael holds a Master’s Degree in Food Science from the University of Wageningen (Netherlands).

Head of Sustainability

As the Head of Sustainability, Bremen leads Apical’s journey towards becoming one of the reputable sustainability leaders in the palm oil sector. He advocates sustainable and ethical business conducts, leads the effective implementation of Apical Sustainability Policy, Apical2030 and drives positive changes in the supply chain inclusively through Apical’s sustainability framework – all towards living up to Apical’s sustainability commitment and UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).

With the aim to deliver impact beyond compliance as well as to evolve with the global environmental and social challenges, Bremen together with his team, developed and launched their sustainability roadmap, Apical2030, earlier this year. Apical2030 will further drive their sustainability commitment by driving transformative changes in the palm oil sector and guide decisions and actions with the aim of achieving sustainable growth and value creation for all stakeholders.

Prior to joining Apical in 2016, Bremen was the Group Head of Sustainability for a SGX-listed and RSPO-certified palm oil management company in Indonesia. He also helmed the role of Head of Certification with the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) in 2011.

With a strong foothold in sustainability, he is actively involved in global multi-stakeholder forums and development of local policies.

Bremen is a PhD candidate at Universiti Putra Malaysia and holds an MBA from the University of the Sunshine Coast (Australia).

Head of Indonesia Operations

As the Head of Apical’s Indonesia Operations, Peter Setiabudi oversees the operations in Indonesia and ensures the production, performance and quality standards are met.

Peter has over 20 years of leadership experience in commercial, business development and operation management across various sectors such as chemical, petroleum and shipping in both in B2B and B2C.

Prior to joining Apical, he helmed a management role at a prominent supply chain and distribution company in Indonesia.