Selecting The Right Nutrition To Boost Productivity

Feed fats are essential to animal nutrition. The quantity of oil and fat that should be used in animal diets differ according to the species and their digestive systems.

Our well formulated animal nutrition product range for ruminants, monogastric, poultry and others are made from sustainably sourced fatty acids and their derivatives. With a highly concentrated source of fats, these nutrients are developed to boost energy, milk yields and ensure consistent productivity.

Palmitic Series

Our protected fat for ruminants are derived from the fractionation of oleochemicals.

  • PF-80
  • PF-85
  • PF-95
  • PF-99

Triglyceride Series

Our concentrated source of energy supplement feed fats are suitable for monogastric, poultry, ruminants and fishes. It is produced from a highly stable, GMO free, 100% fully refined palm oil fraction that is non-hydrogenated and free from trans fatty acids.

  • BP-100
  • BP-300

Calcium Salt Series

Our insoluble fat source derived from the mixture of calcium and fatty acids are suitable for monogastric, poultry, ruminants and fishes. This fat source breaks down in acid conditions, ensuring maximum absorption.

  • CS-85

Download our ANIMAL NUTRITION SPECS SHEET for an extensive view of our product range.