Transformative Partnerships

Collaborating with stakeholders along the supply chain to spur positive changes relating to NDPE compliance, traceability, and conservation

Collaborate with suppliers to achieve 100% NDPE compliant supply chain by 2025

Engage 100% of suppliers for traceability independent verification by 2025

Partner with suppliers to protect and/or conserve 150,000 ha forest and peatland by 2030

Collaborate with suppliers to promote clean energy through 20 biogas plants

Climate Action

Taking urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts.

Reduce 50% GHG emission intensity in our production against 2020 baseline

Net Zero by 2050

Green Innovation

Leveraging on innovation for an increasingly sustainable operations.

38% of total energy use derived from renewable and clean energy sources

Improve water use intensity by
30% through circular solutions

Inclusive Progress

Empowering our people and improving livelihoods through tailored initiatives.

Support communities through 30 Sustainable Living Villages (SLV) by 2030

Support 5,000 independent smallholders to achieve certification by 2030