Creating Your Next Tasty Success

Fats and oils play a crucial role in forming desired tastes, textures, and determining cooking methods. Our sustainable vegetable oils, including its derivatives are suitable for various applications. It improves functionality and ensures superior quality for Bakery, Chocolate & Confectionary, Convenience Food and Culinary among others.

Today, as food preferences continue to evolve, we have a wide range of products to suite your needs and requirements. We are here to support you with the right technical and application advice, problem solving and most importantly, product customisation and innovation. Our innovation, development and application team (IDEAS) has the knowledge and technical knowhow to create your next tasty success.


Suitable for bakers of all size, our extensive range of essential baking ingredients are formulated to create your next tasty success!

  • Margarine
  • Butter Oil Substitute
  • Shortening and Filling Fats
  • Pan Release Agent

Chocolate & Confectionary

We continuously improve and innovate our range of chocolate and confectionary products so you can meet the evolving demands of today’s consumers.

  • Cocoa Butter Substitute
  • Cocoa Butter Replacer
  • Dairy Fat Replacer
  • Spread Fats and Filling Fats
  • Hardener Fats

Convenience Goods

Our range of frying fats are designed meticulously to ensure you obtain the desired quality for your final food product.

  • Frying Fats


When it comes to culinary, ensuring optimal taste and quality are crucial. Our range of cooking oils are developed to complement your desired flavour, texture and food quality.

  • Cooking Oil

Download our FUNCTIONAL & SPECIALTY FATS PRODUCT BROCHURE to explore our wide range of products for your next tasty success.