Powered by Palm Oil

Vegetable oils, such as palm oil, can be found in everyday products such as food, toothpaste, and the biofuel that drives our vehicles.

Our digital series “Powered by Palm Oil” was made in collaboration with influential people from across a wide range of industries.

They tell us about how sustainably produced palm oil makes their daily lives better and helps them achieve their business goals while empowering others.

Because everyday life is Powered by Palm Oil.

Sustainable Fuel for a Better Environment

Jejelogy (Julian Johan)

Jejelogy (Julian Johan) has always desired to be a professional off-road racer, growing up as the son of an influential player in Indonesian off-road.

Jeje was inspired to compete in off-road racing by his father, Ismail Johan, who was a national rally driver in the 1990s. Jeje, who began his career as a rally driver in senior high school and has since won several rally championships, has great hopes for the future of Indonesian off-road racing.

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Sustainable Ingredients Preserve Traditional Cuisine

Tashya Megananda Yukki

Tashya has been a fan of Indonesian food since she was a child. That is why, after returning from studying in Auckland, New Zealand, she chose to open Beranda Kitchen, with the noble goal of preserving Indonesian food.

However, she does not stop there. Tashya decided that embracing the community of traditional Indonesian cuisine was the best way to accomplish her goal as her business grew.

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Helping People Through Providing Sustainable Products

Irma Setyowati

Irma had envisioned developing something greater than herself when she was set to start PT Bantu Bantu Selaras, a cleaning and staffing firm. She’d prefer to see her firm as a response for others around her to become more self-sufficient.

“Many folks come to us with no skills; life is difficult for them out there. They couldn’t even provide for their family. Those are the folks that inspire me to create my business,” Irma said.

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Sustainable Discoveries for Organic Produce

Lewi Cuaca

Most people refer to Lewi Cuaca as “The Food Hunter”.

Every encounter with avocado, papaya, or banana from various areas of Indonesia is an event to be experienced with an open heart, open mind, and open mouth, according to Lewi.

“I prefer to think of myself as a culinary adventurer; I’ve had a developing enthusiasm for organic cuisine since I was a child,” Lewi said.

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The Restaurateur

Anisa Sulandana

Over the last decade, Anisa Sulandana has been a key part of the food and beverage industry in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Overseeing six of the most popular restaurants and bars in the city, Anisa has seen the important role palm oil has played in her businesses, as one of a variety of sustainable ingredients used by her chefs and staff.

The Exporter

Denre Sonda

After being inspired by a close friend to venture into the import and export industry, Denre Sonda has never looked back.

Sustainable cooking oil is in huge demand across South-East Asia and it wasn’t long until he settled on working with the Harumas cooking oil brand, exporting it to the Philippines.

Recognizing that customers’ needs are constantly evolving, Denre has had to ensure that his products are traceable and sustainable, guaranteeing it meets expectations.

The Healthy Food Entrepreneur

Kwik Wan Tien

Kwik Wan Tien grew up in a family that lived by the saying “you are what you eat”.

The need for a balanced nutritious diet was drilled into her from a young age. From there, she had the vision to form WRP, a brand focusing on healthy and delicious products for people.

After improving your daily diet, Kwik believes confidence will come from within, and she has worked with thousands of women, seeing their lives improve drastically.

She commits to using nothing but the best ingredients in her products, products rich in antioxidants and vitamins such as sustainable palm oil.

Ryan Haryanto

The Haryanto family name has been synonymous with car racing for the best part of two decades. Former champion driver Ryan Haryanto talks to us about his long lasting love of cars and racing, and how he is optimistic about the way the sport is heading.

Ryan highlights the major role technology is playing in modernizing people’s way of thinking, supporting government efforts in promoting renewable energy for vehicles such as the use of biodiesel.

What is sustainable palm oil?

At Apical, sustainability is at the heart of our business

We are certified by international bodies including ISCC, RSPO, and GMP. We have 100% traceability to mills, and 99.7% traceability to plantations, with a target of 100% in 2022, the highest level of traceability in the industry.

In its most recent Sustainable Palm Oil Transparency Toolkit (SPOTT) assessment by the Zoological Society of London, Apical achieved a score of 89.4%, placing it among the top 10 companies worldwide.

Global demand for vegetable oils is growing, one of such as palm oil.

Sustainably-produced palm oil is the solution to that demand, and Apical is proud to be a part of it.