Jejelogy (Julian Johan) has always desired to be a professional off-road racer, growing up as the son of an influential player in Indonesian off-road.

Jeje was inspired to compete in off-road racing by his father, Ismail Johan, who was a national rally driver in the 1990s. Jeje, who began his career as a rally driver in senior high school and has since won several rally championships, has great hopes for the future of Indonesian off-road racing.

“Of course, I hope that off-road racing becomes more popular in Indonesia. I hope that people will become aware of how much fun off-road racing is, and that we have good safety standards so that this activity can be enjoyed by more people,” Jeje said.

Above all, he has always thought that life by the side of an unpaved road would be more sustainable.

“We off-road drivers are used to competing outside of race tracks and using all the world has to offer to race each other. As a result, switching to a more natural fuel like biodiesel is a reasonable option for us. Racing on natural terrain is at the heart of off-road racing, and we would do everything we could to protect the environment,” he added.

Watch the video to discover more about how Jeje uses biodiesel as an environmentally friendly alternative.