Towards A Cleaner And More Sustainable Environment

At the heart of Apical’s Circular Economy is Traceability right from the Point of Origin, and Sustainability, allowing biofuel production with Green House Gas savings of more than 80%.

Today, this is what the world needs – a sustainable approach to Carbon Footprint reduction supported with a well-documented and fully audited traceability information. In ensuring we contribute positively to a cleaner and more sustainable environment, Apical’s Circular Economy business segment converts wastes from CPO (Crude Palm Oil) Mills, Palm Oil Refineries, and Used Cooking Oil to Renewable Fuel in an integrated supply chain.

Wastes from Apical’s and Asian Agri’s palm oil processing are converted into Renewable Fuel at Bio-Oils, Apical’s refinery in Huelva, Spain.

Waste / Residue From CPO Mills

Derived from waste and residue from CPO Mills, oil is pressed from empty fruit bunches (EFB) and separated from the waste water stream and/or palm oil mill effluent oil (POME) pond.

Waste / Residue From Palm Oil Refineries

Spent Bleaching Earth oil is extracted from the Used Spent Bleaching Earth and further processed to Renewable Fuel at our refineries. Additionally, various waste oils from the refinery processes are selectively gathered for further processing into Renewable Fuel.

Used Cooking Oil

Used cooking oil is one of the many sources of Renewable Fuel. Most often, it is obtained from food processing companies, restaurants, catering companies and households. Upon arriving at the processing centre, the used cooking oil passes through a chemical process that converts it to Renewable Fuel.

Apical currently partners with various associations and communities to obtain used cooking oil. Among them include:

The collection of waste from CPO Mills, Palm Oil Refineries, and used cooking oil is handled by PT. Sumber Hijau Utama. To date, Apical’s collection points are located in Jakarta, Balikpapan, Surabaya, Dumai and Bandar Lampung.

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