The task of transforming our supply chain is lengthy and labourious. We work with strategic partners such as The Forest Trust (TFT), Proforest, and Daemeter to help us disseminate best practices to our network of suppliers via workshops and seminars. In 2017, we joined Tropical Forest Alliance (TFA) 2020, a global initiative to foster cross-sector collaboration towards deforestation-free supply chains. We also work with certification bodies such as ISPO and RSPO, to ensure that plantation, mill and production standards meet international benchmarks.

AAA Oils & Fats is internationally recognized by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) and the palm oil industry as Apical Group.

Apical participated as a member in the RSPO P&C2018 revision and the RSPO-Indonesia National Interpretation WG, which open only to RSPO members.

AAA Oils & Fats was registered as a member of the RSPO for commercial reasons as all Apical’s commercial transactions and documents are transacted with the name of AAA, including the RSPO PalmTrace system.