Sustainability is the core of our business.

Sustainability Policy

We launched our Sustainability Policy in September 2014, aimed at building a transparent and traceable palm oil supply chain. The Policy outlines our commitment to ensuring sustainable practices are adopted across the entire value chain of our palm oil production from cultivation to processing and delivery to end-users. It also serves as a roadmap to guide our group’s efforts towards becoming a sustainable global processor and trader of palm oil.

Our Commitments

Apical is on track to building a traceable and transparent palm oil supply chain committed to:

The protection of high conservation value (HCV) areas and high carbon stock (HCS) areas

The protection of peat regardless of depth

Driving positive socio-economy impact for people and communities

This commitment extends to all of Apical’s subsidiaries and to the refineries that we own and manage. We will work to ensure that our suppliers, business partners and employees comply with the above commitments, local laws and regulations.

Details of our sustainability commitments including no deforestation, peat protection, socio-economy for people, smallholders and community can be found in our Policy.

Download the Apical Sustainability Policy

Sourcing Policy

It is important that our customers and consumers are confident that our products are made from palm oil that has been responsibly sourced from traceable and transparent supply chains that respect the environment and local communities.

Likewise, it is important that we work together with our valued suppliers to ensure that their produce enjoy wide acceptance and have unrestricted global market access.

This sourcing policy has been completed pursuant to the Apical Sustainability Policy (September 2014) to build a traceable and transparent palm oil supply chain.


This Policy covers all the internal and external operations within the Apical supply chain including refineries, palm oil mills, kernel crushing plants, plantations and smallholders.

Sourcing Strategy

Apical has committed in its Sustainability Policy to source palm oil supplies through a transparent network, traceable to the mills from which they come from.

Our sourcing strategy will focus on developing long-term relationships and understanding with all our suppliers. This Sourcing Policy will be implemented through:

Engaging our suppliers to ensure they are in compliance with our Sustainability and Sourcing Policy

Maintaining and updating our traceability database to the supplying mills and plantations

Ensuring that the company’s supplies come from legal sources and prevent encroachment on protected areas (natural forests/ HCS areas, national parks, etc.) in compliance with applicable legal requirements.

Details about our sourcing scope, strategy and sourcing from smallholders can be found in our Policy.

Download the Apical Palm Oil Sourcing Policy