Most people refer to Lewi Cuaca as “The Food Hunter”.

Every encounter with avocado, papaya, or banana from various areas of Indonesia is an event to be experienced with an open heart, open mind, and open mouth, according to Lewi.

“I prefer to think of myself as a culinary adventurer; I’ve had a developing enthusiasm for organic cuisine since I was a child,” Lewi said.

As a company owner and exporter, Lewi has spent a significant amount of time scouring Indonesia for culinary wonders.

Whether it’s the cashew trees that grow wild in Eastern Indonesia, the Organic Dried Turmeric grown on Alor Island, or the coconut sugar from Central Java, each discovery fascinates him.

As he works to establish strong bonds and relationships with local farmers, he will have opportunity to educate and practice organic agricultural methods in order to maintain the ecosystem healthy.

“I continuously develop novel methods for producing high-quality crops. My most recent discovery is a new type of fertilizer made from leftover palm kernel. It’s an excellent substitute for manure,” he added.

Learn how Lewi makes use of his expertise by watching the video.