Irma had envisioned developing something greater than herself when she was set to start PT Bantu Bantu Selaras, a cleaning and staffing firm. She’d prefer to see her firm as a response for others around her to become more self-sufficient.

“Many folks come to us with no skills; life is difficult for them out there. They couldn’t even provide for their family. Those are the folks that inspire me to create my business,” Irma said.

Irma began with five employees in 2018, and she currently employs over 1,000 people.

“I pay close attention to minutiae, like the source of items that we use in our services, while also trying my best to assist other people improve their lives. Ensuring a sustainable source for the cleaning products we use is critical to me because I need to know that we are not harming the environment while helping people,” she added.

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