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Jikalahari published an article on 7 February 2020 alleging PT Sari Dumai Sejati Refinery and PT Cemerlang Energi Perkasa, subsidiary companies of Apical Group, in receiving illegal palm oil from PT Peputra Supra Jaya (PT PSJ).


Jikalahari’s allegations on Apical’s supposed illegal FFB sourcing from PT PSJ is based on incorrect and outdated information. We ceased sourcing from PT PSJ since June 2016 due to their failure to comply with the requirements in our sustainability policy.

Additionally, we publish a full list of all our suppliers on the Apical website. We also work with third-party organisations to help us improve the transparency and traceability of our supply chains. We continue to encourage our stakeholders to approach us if there are any concerns about the accuracy of our published information. Our whistle blowing policy as well as our grievance procedures allow us to handle issues in a timely and appropriate manner. The allegation was published without prior consultation with Apical.