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CB Industrial Product Holdings


A report by Mighty Earth published on 4 April 2020 claimed that PT Sawit Lamandau Raya (PT SLR) and PT Jaya Jadi Utama (PT JJU), a subsidiary of CBPIH, of deforestation. In the Rapid Response Report 26, clearing 22 hectares of forest between 19 September 2019 and 27 March 2020 at PT SLR. Meanwhile on PT JJU, there was 14 hectares clearing reported and another 163 hectares were prepared for clearance in the concession between 24 May 2019 and 24 March 2020.


April 2020

We seek clarification from CBPIH on the allegation involving 2 subsidiaries. CBPIH in a letter stated that both companies are properly registered under Convertible Production Forest (Hutan Produksi Konservasi) land licensing with valid forestry IPKH approval. It is their policy to strictly adhere to no illegal logging or deforestation activities within our land concession.

Apical to further engage with CBPIH.

May 2020

CBIPH again clarified that all the planting done in both concessions is in accordance with approval IPKH from Dinas Kehutanan. CBIPH shared the necessary documents with Apical.