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Dharma Satya Nusantara (DSN)


On 7 December 2021, Mighty Earth released the Rapid Response Report 37. The report claimed that, PT Kencana Alam Permai, a subsidiary of PT DSN, clearing about 8.5 ha of forest inside the concession.


December 2021

Apical seek clarification from PT DSN regarding the issue.

DSN Group has confirmed that since 2015, there is no new land development and the NDPE Policy was published in March 2020.

On the allegation of land clearing in PT KAP concession, PT DSN informed that the company has conducted verification visit and based on their investigation found that the clearing was carried out by local people/farmers for their own farming/paddy purposes. Refer to PT DSN clarification letter and verification report. This also was confirmed by head of village in letter dated 9 December 2021.

PT KAP further clarified that it has yet to have any control of that area as it is still belong to these local people. PT KAP has not pay any compensation because these farmers do not want to let go of that land.

PT DSN understand that clearing of the land by these farmer is for their livelihood, hence the company with work closely together with these people to find the best solution on this matter.

July 2022

Apical consider this case as closed.