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On 10 September 2019, Mighty Earth released the Rapid Response Report 19. The report alleged PT Sumber Hasil Prima (PT SHP), a subsidiary of Goodhope of clearing 35 ha of forest between 27 May 2019 and 4 August 2019. According to the report, Goodhope supplied to Apical from other mills but not directly from PT SHP.


September 2019

Apical demanded a clarification from Goodhope on the grievance case reported.

Goodhope informed that PT SHP not commenced any new development since the lodging of the RSPO complaint Precautionary Approach “Stop Work Order” in April 2017. The company is now investigating it and deploying a team to conduct site verification of the alleged clearing as highlight in the report.

Apical to monitor the development of this case.

Goodhope confirmed that the land clearing located outside of the PT SHP concession after they conducted the field verification. The findings can be found here. The land clearing was taking place in areas owned by local community for shifting cultivation, slash and burn practices.