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APICAL Advances Sustainable Governance Through Inclusivity, Maintaining Top Three For Third Consecutive Year in 2023 SPOTT

By November 14, 2023November 15th, 2023No Comments

Singapore, 14 November 2023 — Apical, a leading vegetable oil processor, advanced to second place in the 2023 SPOTT (Sustainable Palm Oil Transparency Toolkit) Assessment. The 2023 SPOTT Assessment has seen Apical increase its score by more than 4% to 95.3%, reinforcing its steadfast commitment to sustainability and responsible business practices. The Company’s continuous efforts in fostering inclusivity in its operations and supply chain play a key role in maintaining its position as one of the top three most sustainable and transparent palm oil companies globally.

The SPOTT Assessment, an initiative developed by ZSL (Zoological Society of London), evaluates 100 palm oil producers, processors, and traders on 186 sector-specific indicators across ten categories. The companies are given a percentage score, which enables them to monitor their progress over time.

In a comprehensive assessment of over 100 palm oil companies, Apical has consistently demonstrated exemplary performance in all aspects of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices, surpassing the industry average of 47.2%. Apical scored highly in the Deforestation and Biodiversity, Community, Land and Labour Rights as well as the Smallholders and Suppliers categories with a 100% score respectively.

Reflecting on Apical’s performance, Director of Sustainability Bremen Yong stated, “Our increased SPOTT score for 2023 reflects our commitment to transparency, environmental stewardship, and social and ethical responsibility. We believe that inclusivity is a shared responsibility throughout the supply chain in ensuring that we contribute to a resilient and responsible industry. This achievement motivates us to continue implementing effective ESG best practices, which are encapsulated in Apical2030, aligned with our commitment to a sustainable and deforestation-free supply chain.”

Apical’s sustainability commitment demonstrated through Apical2030, highlighting its dedication to creating a lasting impact on the environment, climate, and communities. Apical2030, founded on creating a positive social, environmental, and business impact, features ambitious sustainability-focused targets in four key strategic pillars: Transformative Partnerships, Climate Action, Green Innovation, and Inclusive Progress. Apical is confident that its Apical2030 sustainability roadmap 2

will drive transformative changes towards sustainable practices, benefiting the environment, climate, and communities.

Apical has maintained its top three position in the SPOTT assessment for the third consecutive year among palm oil companies worldwide.

About Apical
Apical is a leading vegetable oil processor with an expanding global footprint. Our vertically integrated mid-stream refining and value-added downstream processing makes us an integral supplier that supports the needs of various industries namely food, feed, oleochemicals and renewable fuel, including sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) which enables a great reduction of CO2 emissions.

With integrated assets in strategic locations spanning Indonesia, China and Spain, Apical operates numerous refineries, oleochemical plants, renewable fuel plants and kernel crushing plants. Through joint ventures and strategic partnerships, Apical also has processing and distribution operations in Brazil, India, Pakistan, Philippines, Middle East, Africa, USA and Vietnam.

Apical’s growth is built on the foundations of sustainability and transparency, and motivated by our strong belief that we can contribute to a circular economy for a more meaningful impact, even as we continue to grow our business and deliver innovative solutions to our customers.
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