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Apical Celebrates World Milk Day by Empowering Farmers and Nurturing Communities

By July 24, 2023May 28th, 2024No Comments

Spreading the goodness of milk with the distribution of over 24,000 milk cartons

Jakarta, 1 June 2023 — As the world comes together to celebrate World Milk Day, Apical, a leading processor of vegetable oil is going to great lengths by empowering farmers and giving back to the community. As demands for milk and dairy products continue to see a remarkable surge, Apical, through its range of animal nutrition (Optymax) is enabling farmers to improve milk yields and ensure consistent productivity, ultimately empowering them to remain competitive in today’s thriving dairy market. Parallel to this, Apical alongside Tanoto Foundation are also fostering community well-being by addressing stunting among children.

From protein and calcium to vitamins and minerals, milk and dairy products have become an integral part of diets worldwide. As reports suggest, the milk market is expected to grow annually at a CAGR of 6.91% (2023 – 2028)[1]. The task that lies ahead is how to meet this rising demand while ensuring consistent productivity and sustainability in the dairy industry.

“Feed fats are essential to animal nutrition and the quantity required differs according to the species and their digestive systems. The Optymax range comprising of three product series is formulated for ruminants, monogastric and poultry. Comprising of the Palmatic Series, Tryglyceride Series and Calcium Salt Series, these products are made from sustainably sourced fatty acids and their derivatives. They are developed to enhance milk yield and ensure consistent productivity, benefiting both livestock and farmers alike,” said Ashish Anant, Senior Business Manager (Animal Nutrition) at Apical.

By focusing on animal nutrition and providing an optimised diet, farmers can unlock the full potential, overall resilience and optimal health of their livestock. This not only improves the financial viability of their farms but also, contributes to the sustainable growth of the dairy industry as a whole.

Addressing Stunting: A Path to Healthier Communities

Recognising the critical role of proper nutrition in combating stunting among children, in line with World Milk Day, Apical alongside Tanoto Foundation have joined forces to reduce the prevalence of stunting among children in Indonesia by bridging the nutritional gap and promoting healthy growth.

Agus Wiastono, CSR Manager for Apical shared “Every child deserve the opportunity to grow, thrive and reach their full potential. Through our unwavering commitment to the community, we strive to break the cycle of stunting by providing more than just milk – we offer nourishment and education. We are empowering a generation to conquer stunting while creating a healthier future of all.”

With the support of community clinics and various schools, Apical has identified children residing around its operational areas aged between 2 – 5 years old who are in need of milk enriched with vital nutrients. A total of 19,850 milk cartons are being supplied to communities in need. Each child will be given the adequate amount of milk throughout a period of time, as managed and determined by the community clinics.

In extension to this, as a lead up to World Milk Day and part of its community initiative, Apical visited numerous families to raise awareness about the importance of a balanced nutrition and the role milk plays in supporting a child’s growth.

Across Apical’s offices, the goodness of milk was also celebrated as 4,230 bespoke milk package were distributed to employees.


About Apical

Apical is a leading vegetable oil processor with an expanding global footprint. Our vertically integrated mid-stream refining and value-added downstream processing makes us an integral supplier that supports the needs of various industries namely food, feed, oleochemicals and renewable fuel, including sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) which enables a great reduction of CO2 emissions.

With integrated assets in strategic locations spanning Indonesia, China and Spain, Apical operates numerous refineries, oleochemical plants, renewable fuel plants and kernel crushing plants. Through joint ventures and strategic partnerships, Apical also has processing and distribution operations in Brazil, India, Pakistan, Philippines, Middle East, Africa, USA and Vietnam.

Apical’s growth is built on the foundations of sustainability and transparency, and motivated by our strong belief that we can contribute to a circular economy for a more meaningful impact, even as we continue to grow our business and deliver innovative solutions to our customers.

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About Tanoto Foundation

Tanoto Foundation is an independent philanthropic organization in the field of education founded by Sukanto Tanoto and Tinah Bingei Tanoto in 1981 on the belief that every individual should have the opportunity to realize their full potential. Tanoto Foundation’s philosophy is quality education accelerates equal opportunity.

That’s why we harness the transformative power of education to realize people’s potential and improve skill. The three pillars of Tanoto Foundation’s commitment are improving the learning environment, developing future leaders, and facilitating medical research.

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[1] Milk – Worldwide | Statista Market Forecast