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Apical Increases Its Score In The SPOTT Palm Oil Assessment 2022, Maintaining Its Rank In The Top 3

By November 25, 2022June 6th, 2023No Comments

Apical, a leading global vegetable oil processor with an expanding global footprint, increased its score from 89.4% to 91.7% in the 2022 SPOTT (Sustainable Palm Oil Transparency Toolkit) Assessment. Out of 100 global palm oil companies that were assessed, Apical maintained its top three position as the most transparent company and outperformed the industry average in all environmental, social and governance (ESG) categories.

“Sustainability is our way of thinking, being and operating our business. Being transparent and sustainable in our operatiosn is critical in today’s business landscape. We are proud that our score has increased and we remain as one of the top three most transparent palm oil companies globally. With SPOTT’s independent assessment result, we are motivated to continue implementing effective and positive ESG best practices at Apical,” said Bremen Yong Kin Kong, Director of Sustainability at Apical.

SPOTT is an initiative developed by ZSL (Zoological Society of London), that assesses approximately 100 palm oil producers, processors and traders on 184 sector-specific indicators across 10 categories. The assessment evaluates the public disclosure of their organisation, policies and practices related to ESG issues. Each company receives a percentage score to benchmark their progress over time.

“This assessment demonstrates Apical’s commitment to establishing a transparent, traceable, and sustainable supply chain across our operations, globally. In the years ahead, we will continue to go to great lengths to ensure our transparency to origin maintains an unparalleled record. In living up to our purpose of improving lives by developing resources sustainably, we have also advanced our sustainability commitment with Apical2030 alongside increasing transparency and disclosure of our sustainability performance and governance of Apical2030,” added Bremen.

Centred on creating a positive social, environmental and business impact, Apical2030 includes ambitious sustainability-focused targets around four strategic pillars namely Transformative Partnerships, Climate Action, Green Innovation, and Inclusive Progress. With the industry evolving rapidly, the Group is certain that its Apical2030 sustainability framework will lead to meaningful actions for a lasting sustainability impact on the environment, climate and communities.

Based on assessments of its commitments and ESG practicises, Apical has maintained its top ranks among palm oil companies globally for the fourth consecutive year under the SPOTT initiaitive.