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Apical Receives Recognition from ESG Business Awards for Fostering Inclusivity through Sustainable Supply Chain Initiatives

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Singapore, November 6, 2023 – Apical, a member of the RGE Group of companies, has been honored with the Sustainable Supply Chain Partnership Award at the prestigious ESG Business Awards, celebrating its steadfast commitment to driving positive changes through inclusive supply chain initiatives. The company’s efforts reflect its purpose of improving lives by developing resources sustainably and its vision to be the most reliable integrated processor of sustainable products.

Apical has consistently demonstrated a strong commitment to sustainability and the eradication of deforestation across its supply chain. The company believes that sustainability is integral to its success and has therefore embraced sustainable practices throughout its operations.

With vertically integrated mid-stream refining and value-added downstream processing capabilities, Apical plays a pivotal role in supporting the food, oleochemicals, and renewable fuel needs of various industries. The company operates numerous refineries, oleochemical plants, renewable fuel plants, and kernel crushing plants in strategic locations worldwide.

Apical’s approach to supply chain management is grounded in governance and compliance with regulatory standards, smallholder inclusivity, and stakeholder engagement. The company actively collaborates with its suppliers to manage its value chain effectively and achieve alignment with its sustainability ambitions.

To exemplify its commitment to sustainability, Apical has launched several initiatives, including the A-SIMPLE Framework, which was introduced in 2020. This framework ensures the effective implementation of Apical’s Sustainability Policy and aligns with sustainable business practices throughout the supply chain.

Apical’s Supplier Anchor Programs are another critical initiative, facilitating deep engagement with suppliers to ensure compliance with frameworks, policies, traceability, and deforestation -free efforts, including the No Deforestation, No Peat, No Exploitation (NDPE) standards.

The company’s dedication to achieving NDPE compliance has led to the development of the NDPE Implementation Reporting Framework (NDPE IRF) in collaboration with industry stakeholders. This reporting tool allows companies to analyse and track their progress in fulfilling NDPE commitments.

Apical fosters partnerships with suppliers and stakeholders impacted by its supply chain, actively collaborating with national and international organisations and associations to advance specific initiatives. The company has been an active member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) since 2011 and participates in the Palm Oil Collaboration Group.

Bremen Yong, Director of Sustainability at Apical, expressed, “This award is a testament to our commitment to driving positive changes by fostering inclusivity along the supply chain. Collaborating with stakeholders and smallholders ensures inclusive progress as we continue to implement best practices in palm oil production. Together with our stakeholders, we will continue to pave the way for a brighter, more sustainable future for all. We remain resolute in our dedication to a sustainable and deforestation-free supply chain.”

Apical’s supply chain initiatives have been recognised and celebrated at the ESG Business Awards, where the company was honoured with the Sustainable Supply Chain Partnership Award. This accolade underscores Apical’s exceptional commitment to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices and its leadership in building a sustainable future.

All of Apical’s initiatives are guided by its 5Cs business philosophy, which prioritizes the community, country, climate, customer, and, only then, the company itself. These efforts are driven by Apical’s purpose of improving lives by developing resources sustainably and its vision of becoming the most reliable integrated processor of sustainable vegetable oil and value-added downstream products.

About Apical

Apical is a leading vegetable oil processor with an expanding global footprint. Our vertically integrated mid-stream refining and value-added downstream processing makes us an integral supplier that supports the needs of various industries namely food, feed, oleochemicals and renewable fuel, including sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) which enables a great reduction of CO2 emissions.

With integrated assets in strategic locations spanning Indonesia, China and Spain, Apical operates numerous refineries, oleochemical plants, renewable fuel plants and kernel crushing plants. Through joint ventures and strategic partnerships, Apical also has processing and distribution operations in Brazil, India, Pakistan, Philippines, Middle East, Africa, USA and Vietnam.

Apical’s growth is built on the foundations of sustainability and transparency, and motivated by our strong belief that we can contribute to a circular economy for a more meaningful impact, even as we continue to grow our business and deliver innovative solutions to our customers.

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