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Apical Support Helps Local Hair Salon Flourish in Sungai Sembilan, Dumai

By January 24, 2024No Comments

JAKARTA – In its three-year journey since its establishment in 2020, the ‘Kita’ hair salon, a project supported by Apical, in the Lubuk Gaung Village, Sungai Sembilan District, Dumai, has achieved remarkable success by serving 15-20 customers daily.

The owner and manager, Muhammad Zaki, initially faced challenges but is now sharing success with the local community. ‘Kita’ hair salon is not just a place for haircuts; it also symbolizes community empowerment within Apical’s program.

Since its inauguration, the ‘Kita’ hair salon has become a hub for local community activities, catering to an increasing number of customers and inspiring microeconomic growth in the area. With enthusiasm, Zaki and his team are now seeking additional employees to meet the growing demand.

Apical, as a producer and exporter of palm oil and its derivatives, demonstrates a genuine commitment to community empowerment. This program not only provides training and facilities but also fully supports local entrepreneurs like Zaki to grow and realize their potential.

In an official Apical video, Muhammad Zaki shared his journey from initial uncertainty to current success. Apical’s support extends beyond training and equipment; it also includes upgrading business facilities.

“I am very grateful and thankful to have a partner like Apical in developing this hair salon business,” he said.

The ‘Kita’ hair salon is tangible proof that community empowerment through sustained partnerships can create a significant positive impact. This success is not only felt by Zaki but is also contributing to the growth of the surrounding community.

Through the Apical2030 sustainability commitment, specifically in Pillar 4 – Inclusive Progress, Apical is devoted to supporting community empowerment through sustainable programs, creating meaningful changes in the daily lives of people, particularly in the areas around our operational regions.

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