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Celebrating DKI Jakarta Anniversary, Apical Group Together with Jakarta Provincial Government Plant 3.000 Mangroves

By June 28, 2022June 23rd, 2023No Comments

North Jakarta, 24 June 2022 – In commemoration of the 495th anniversary of DKI Jakarta, Apical Group, a leading vegetable oils processor with an expanding global footprint, through its business unit, PT Asianagro Agungjaya (PT AAJ) collaborated with the Jakarta Provincial Government through DKI Jakarta Parks and Forests Service to plant 3,000 mangroves in the Pantai Indah Kapuk Mangrove Ecotourism area on 22nd June 2022.

Mangrove forests are essential in providing and maintaining biodiversity and water quality, slowing erosion while having the ability to absorb and store carbon per area greater than other tropical forests.

Bernard A. Riedo, RGE Palm Business Director, said that this mangrove planting activity is a tangible manifestation of the company’s group business philosophy, good for climate, which is included in the 5Cs (good for communi ty, country, climate, customer, and only then, good for the company).

“We are also committed to focusing on sustainability including environmental, social, and governance (LST) aspects in our business which is integrated within our operations, from upstream to downstream,” added Bernard.

According to Bernard, this activity is conducted in conjunction with the momentum of the DKI Jakarta Anniversary, because Apical Group wants to provide something useful for Jakarta on its anniversary. “In order to honour the anniversary of DKI Jakarta with the theme of Collaboration, Acceleration, and Elevation, Apical Group collaborated with the Government, by supporting their efforts in the mangrove rehabilitation program in Jakarta,” said Bernard.

Dirja Kusumah,, Head Section of the DKI Jakarta City Parks and Forest Service, said that the Government, strongly supports the activities initiated by PT Asianagro Agungjaya (Apical Group).

“The conservation of forest ecosystems, including mangroves, must continue to be improved as it has many of biological wealth and potential in the mangrove forest ecosystem that can be explored. Mangrove forests also have an important role in Indonesia’s climate change. Therefore, we strongly support Apical Group through its efforts and contributions to mangrove conservation, especially in the Jakarta area. Hopefully more companies like Apical Group will contribute to Indonesia’s climate,” added Dirja.

In planting of thousands of mangrove seedlings, Apical Group and the DKI Jakarta City Park and Forest Service are also supported by members of the Saka Wanabakti Scouts, a fostered youth group by the DKI Jakarta City Parks and Forest Service.

On the same occasion, Apical Group also presented food preparations from the pidada mangrove (Sonneratia sp.) in the form of mangrove syrup, mangrove cake, and mangrove chips which were produced and managed by a group assisted by the DKI Jakarta City Parks and Forests Service. The government assisted groups are also given the opportunity to explain their processed products, with the hope that the community will be aware of that mangroves are not only beneficial for the environment but also has economic value and can be processed into various items, including food.

In addition, on a separate occasion, Apical Group will also plant mangroves in the Rorotan City Forest, North Jakarta on June 24, 2022.

Apical is committed in combatting climate change and this program enables Apical to work towards their commitment by preserving mangrove forests in North Jakarta. The planting of 3,000 mangrove trees helps in preserving the environment around the company’s operational areas and reduce carbon emissions, as well as invite the community to contribute positively to environmental conservation and sustainable development.


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