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Apical Joins Forces with Solo City Government for Culinary Showcase, Attracting a Gathering of Hundreds of MSMEs

By November 30, 2023December 11th, 2023No Comments

Solo, November 30, 2023 – Apical, a prominent player in the vegetable oil processing industry with a growing global presence, has partnered with the Surakarta City Government through the Cooperative and SME Industry Office, backed by the Integrated Business Service Center for Cooperatives and SMEs (PLUT KUKM). Together, they hosted the ‘Taste Creations’ culinary demonstration event, drawing in a diverse crowd of hundreds of MSME participants. The event took place at the PLUT KUMKM Building in the Jebres Subdistrict of Surakarta.

Over 100 MSMEs, under the guidance of the Cooperative and SME Industry Office through PLUT KUMKM, actively participated in the two-day cooking demonstration held from November 30 to December 1, 2023. This collaborative initiative aims to inspire MSME entrepreneurs to innovate in their food product offerings, fostering a positive impact on the backbone of Indonesia’s economy – the MSME sector.

During the showcase, Apical, renowned for sourcing raw materials from sustainable palm oil, presented a range of delectable dishes such as tiger roll cake and soft donuts using Vitas Cake Margarine. Vitas Cake Margarine, a premium-quality product enriched with vitamins A, D, B1, B2, and E, is considered a healthier and environmentally friendly choice due to its sustainable palm oil base. This makes it an ideal option for promoting both everyday health and environmental sustainability.

The cooking demonstration, skillfully led by two Apical Food Application Chefs, Chef Heri Teguh and Chef Teddy Kosasih, not only showcased the preparation of polo buns using Medalia Margarine but also highlighted the use of high-quality solid frying oil, Frybest. Frybest was demonstrated in frying chicken, French fries, and donuts, producing crispy results without excessive oiliness.

Surakarta City Government is actively championing the support for MSME development in the region. According to data from the Cooperative, SME, and Industry Office of Surakarta City, the city witnessed a significant increase in the number of operating MSME units, reaching 11,157 in 2022, up from 3,635 in 2021.

Wahyu Kristina, SS., MM, the Head of the Cooperative, SME, and Industry Office of Surakarta City, emphasized, “Solo City MSMEs have demonstrated a remarkable ability to swiftly adapt to changes and introduce creative innovations in their products and services, particularly in the post-Covid-19 era. The Surakarta City Government, through the Cooperative, SME, and Industry Office, actively organizes various programs and activities to enhance the skills and knowledge of MSME players in managing their businesses. We welcome innovations from the private sector that aim to advance Solo MSMEs, and this collaboration with Apical facilitates such endeavors.”

George Tjiptamustika, Market Development Manager of Apical Group, expressed, “Through this collaboration with PLUT KUMKM Surakarta City, we aim to stimulate the growth of MSMEs in the food industry sector and fortify the image of Apical brands, such as Vitas, Medalia, and Frybest. The diverse product recipes presented are intended to inspire MSMEs in their product development. We are ready to support MSME players in enhancing the quality of their products, thereby contributing to a sustainable economy.”

Dewi Aminah, a participant from Kauman, Pasar Kliwon, and the owner of Iswara Food, shared that the activities conducted by Apical and PLUT KUMKM are highly beneficial for MSME players like herself. “This activity greatly assists us as MSMEs in improving skills and unleashing creativity in preparing various foods. Hopefully, this activity can be conducted again consistently, featuring different types of food in the future,” she added.

In addition to the cooking demo activities at PLUT KUMKM, on Tuesday, November 28, 2023, Apical also hosted a cooking demo at one of the baking centers in Solo, inviting more than 30 participants to experience Apical products with menus such as tiger roll cake, Mexico bun, polo bun, and fried chicken. The event was warmly received by the participants.

Last October, Apical organized a similar activity in Sumenep, East Java, with the aim of advancing MSMEs in Sumenep and introducing various functional and specialty fats products produced by Apical.

All these activities are part of the ‘Taste Creations’ program, a component of #ApicalCollaboration, providing an opportunity for the general public, including MSMEs, to explore a variety of culinary creations using Apical products. This initiative will be consistently conducted in various cities across Indonesia, seeking to understand the needs and preferences of the public regarding Apical products. This approach enables Apical to continually innovate and evolve in alignment with consumer demands.

Apical remains dedicated to its mission of fostering inclusivity and sustainability throughout its supply chain, setting a powerful example for businesses striving to make a positive impact on the world.

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