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Supporting the Government to Accelerate the Target of Mangrove Forest Rehabilitation, Apical Plants 2,000 Mangroves in Dumai

By July 29, 2023August 3rd, 2023No Comments

Dumai, 29 July 2023 — Apical, a leading vegetable oil processor, today planted 2,000 mangroves at Wisata Purnama Beach, West Dumai. This mangrove planting activity was carried out in commemoration of World Mangrove Day on July 26, 2023.

This initiative is one of the concrete steps of Apical’s support in supporting the Government’s target to rehabilitate mangrove forests of 600,000 hectares by 2024. This activity is also in line with the Apical2030 sustainability initiative regarding the target of the second pillar of Apical2030 namely Climate Action to reduce the intensity of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and one of the efforts to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

Also present at the planting event, Head of West Dumai Sub-District, Al Khusairi, said, “We appreciate Apical’s step in its efforts to rehabilitate mangroves, especially in Dumai during the momentum of World Mangrove Day. We hope this activity can be sustainable and hopefully the mangroves that have been planted can grow and be cared for.” well,” added Al Khusairi, Head of West Dumai Sub-District.

In this planting activity, Apical Dumai also invited the Dumai City Police Chief, AKBP Dhovan Oktavianton, Dandim 0320 representatives, Danlanal Dumai representatives, Dumai City Fisheries Service, Dumai City Environment Service, Dumai City Chamber of Commerce, Sungai Sembilan Sub-District Head, KNPI Dumai City, Pancasila Youth Dumai City, Dumai Nature Lovers NGO, ALUN NGO and the local community to contribute to preserving the environment.

Martin Soekendar, Apical Dumai Management Representative said that Apical always tries to collaborate with stakeholders such as the Regional Government, local Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), communities and communities towards a greener and more sustainable Indonesia.

“As it is known that mangroves have an important role in protecting coastal ecosystems by acting as a natural barrier against erosion, protecting coastlines, and providing habitat for marine species. In this activity which is still in commemoration of World Mangrove Day, we hope that the collaboration of all stakeholders can make the planted mangroves useful in preventing abrasion, absorbing carbon emissions, and making the organisms around them more balanced,” added Martin.

Over the last three years, Apical has progressively planted trees and mangroves in all of its operational areas in Indonesia. To date, a total of 12,000 trees have been planted with plans to add another 23,000 trees.

Apart from planting and ecosystem restoration as a means of decarbonization, as part of Apical2030’s sustainability commitment, Apical has also mapped out various initiatives to maximize resource efficiency and ensure that it contributes positively to the environment. The initiative is guided by the four strategic pillars of Apical2030, namely Transformative Partnerships, Climate Action, Green Innovation and Inclusive Progress – all four of which aim to create positive social, environmental and business impacts.


About Apical

Apical is a leading vegetable oil processor with an expanding global footprint. Our vertically integrated mid-stream refining and value-added downstream processing makes us an integral supplier that supports the needs of various industries namely food, feed, oleochemicals and renewable fuel, including sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) which enables a great reduction of CO2 emissions.

With integrated assets in strategic locations spanning Indonesia, China and Spain, Apical operates numerous refineries, oleochemical plants, renewable fuel plants and kernel crushing plants. Through joint ventures and strategic partnerships, Apical also has processing and distribution operations in Brazil, India, Pakistan, Philippines, Middle East, Africa, USA and Vietnam.

Apical’s growth is built on the foundations of sustainability and transparency, and motivated by our strong belief that we can contribute to a circular economy for a more meaningful impact, even as we continue to grow our business and deliver innovative solutions to our customers.

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