Pelacak Keluhan/Pembaruan Kasus

Date ReceivedGroup/CompanyCase DetailsOrganisationStatus
116 Mei 2022PT Teguh Karsa Warna LestariPT Teguh Karsa Warna Lestari (PT TKWL) was allegedly linked to PT Sawit Sukses Sejati (PT SSS) which being implicated clearing land inside the concession. Mighty EarthMonitoring
225 Apr 2022Bukhary and a plantation in Rawa SingkilMr Bukhary was allegedly responsible for deforestation inside the boundaries of the Gunung Leuser National Park and an illegal plantation encroaching into peat forest inside Rawa Singkil Wildlife ReserveRANMonitoring
329 Apr 2022PT Astra Agro LestariThree subsidiaries of AAL - PT Agro Nusa Abadi, PT Lestari Tana Teladan, and PT Mamuang - was allegedly conducted various violations of the environment, human rights, and governance. FoE / WalhiMonitoring
47 Des 2021Dharma Satya Nusantara (DSN)Allegation on clearing of forest by PT Kencana Alam Permai (PT KAP), a subsidiary of PT Dharma Satya Nusantara (PT DSN)Mighty EarthClosed
51 Mei 2021PT Eagle High PlantationAllegation of deforestation in PT Tandan Sawit Papua, a subsidiary of PT Eagle High Plantation (PT EHP).Internal report and Mighty EarthClosed
630 Jun 2021PT Triputra Agro PersadaAllegation of deforestation in PT Brahma Binabakti, a subsidiary of PT Triputra Agro Persada (PT TAP).Mighty EarthClosed
73 Mei 2021PT Astra Agro LestariAllegation of deforestation in PT Agincourt Resources (PT AR) - a mining company of Astra International. PT AR linked with PT Astra Agro Lestari (PT AAL) in a group level.Mighty EarthMonitoring
81 Jun 2021PT Global Sawit SemestaSourcing from PT Laot Bangko which allegedly clearin forestRANMonitoring - In Progress
93 Mei 2021Bumi Gading Prima GroupAllegation of deforestation in PT Bumi Agro Prima.Mighty EarthMonitoring
1021 Sep 2020PT Syaukath SejahteraAllegation that PT Syaukath Sejahtera sourcing from PT Tualang Raya, that is claimed engaged in deforestationRANClosed
116 Jun 2020QL Oil GroupAllegation on clearing of forest by PT Pipit Mutiara Indah (PT PMI), a subsidiary of QL Oil GroupMighty EarthMonitoring - In Progress
124 Apr 2020CB Industrial Product HoldingsClearing forest in the PT Sawit Lamandau Raya and PT Jaya Jadi Utama, a subsidiary of CB Industrial Product Holdings (CBIPH)Mighty EarthMonitoring
131 Feb 2020Agrosubur GroupClearing forest in the PT Karya Dewi Putra, a subsidiary of Agrosubur Group.Mighty EarthClosed
147 Feb 2020ApicalAllegation on CPO sourcing from palm oil mill receiving illegal FFB grown inside a protected areasJikalahariMonitoring
156 Des 2019Agro Sarimas GroupAllegation of deforestation in PT Agro Sarimas Indonesia (PT ASI)Mighty EarthClosed
166 Des 2019GoodhopeAllegation of deforestation in PT RIM CapitalMighty EarthClosed
1712 Jun 2019Bumitama GroupAllegation of deforestation in PT Damai Agro Sejahtera & PT Andalan Sukses MakmurMighty EarthMonitoring
186 Nov 2019Low Yat GroupAllegation of deforestation in PT Prima Bahagiapermai Sejati (PT PBS).Mighty EarthClosed
194 Nov 2019Makin GroupAllegation of clearing forest and forest fires in several concession change to allegation on forest fires.GreenpeaceClosed
2011 Okt 2019STH GROUPAllegation on clearing of forest by PT Makmur Bersama Asia, a subsidiary of STH Group.Mighty EarthClosed
211 Jul 2019Kirana MegataraAllegation of deforestation in PT Putra Katingan Pratama (PT PKP) concession.Mighty EarthClosed
2210 Sep 2019GoodhopeAllegation of clearing forest in PT Sumber Hasil Prima (PT SHP) concession.Mighty EarthClosed
2313 Agu 2019KLK BerhadAllegation of peat development in PT Menteng Jaya Sawit Perdana (PT MJSP) concession.Mighty EarthClosed
2418 Jul 2019Makin GroupAllegation of clearing peat forest in PT Mekar Karya Kahuripan (PT MKK) and clearing forest in PT Cipta Karsa Kahuripan concession.Mighty EarthClosed
2518 Jul 2019Kencana Agri LtdAllegation of deforestation in PT Agro Sawit Mas Lestari (PT ASML) concession.Mighty EarthClosed
2618 Jul 2019Sumber Tani Agung (STA)Allegation of deforestation in PT Tantahan Panduhup Asi (PT TPA) concession.Mighty EarthClosed
2718 Jul 2019DSN GroupAllegation of deforestation in PT Prima Sawit Andalan (PT PSA) & PT Putra Utama Lestari (PT PUL) concession.Mighty EarthClosed
2818 Jul 2019Asian AgriAllegation of deforestation in PT Usaha Sawit Unggul concession.Mighty EarthClosed
299 Jul 2019Ahmad Zaki ResourcesAllegation of deforestation in PT Ichtiar Gusti Pudi (PT IGP) concession.MaphubsMonitoring
308 Jun 2019Bakrie GroupForest clearance by PT Menthobi Mitra Lestari, a subsidiary of Bakrie Group.Mighty EarthClosed
3122 Mei 2019Perkebunan NusantaraAllegation on clearing of forest by PT Perkebunan Nusantara II Prafi, a subsidiary of Perkebunan NusantaraMighty EarthClosed
328 Mar 2019Palma Serasih GroupAllegation on clearing of forest by PT Global Primatama Mandiri & PT Nusantara Agro Sentosa, subsidiary of Palma Serasih Group.Mighty EarthClosed
3330 Jan 2019Triputra Agro Persada GroupAllegation on clearing of forest by PT Dwiwira Lestari Jaya, a subsidiary of Triputra Agro Persada Group.Mighty EarthClosed
3431 Okt 2018Mulia SawitAllegation in clearance of peat forest by PT Persada Era Agro Kencana, a subsidiary of MSAL GroupMighty EarthClosed
3522 Sep 2018IndonusaAlleged of clearing of forest by PT Internusa Jaya Sejahtera, a subsidiary of IndonusaMighty EarthClosed
3624 Agu 2018Asam Jawa / MusirawasAlleged of development on peatland by PT Sumur Pandawangi, a subsidiary of Asam Jawa / Musirawas.Mighty EarthClosed
3715 Mei 2018Central Cipta Murdaya (CCM)Allegation of forest clearance by PT Hardaya Inti Plantation, a subsidiary of CCMGreenpeaceMonitoring
3815 Mei 2018DTK OpportunityAllegation of forest clearance including peatland forest by PT Lahan Agro Inti Ketapang (PT LAIK)GreenpeaceClosed
3918 Mei 2018Anglo-Eastern PlantationForest Clearance by PT Kahayan Agro Plantation, a subsidiary of AEPGreenpeace and Mighty EarthMonitoring - In Progress
4015 Mei 2018GAMAAllegation of deforestation in GAMA concessionsGreenpeaceClosed
4123 Mei 2018Multiple SuppliersSuppliers found receiving FFB from the Tesso Nilo National Park, Bukit Batabuh Tiger CorridorEyes on the Forest (EoF)Monitoring
421 Jul 2017Federal Land Development Agency (FELDA)/ Felda Global Ventures (FGV)Violation of labour laws, clearance of natural forest, peatland development, exploitation of plantation workersWall Street Journal (WSJ), Aidenvironment, GreenpeaceMonitoring
4310 Apr 2017Sepanjang Group - PT Permata Sawit MandiriClearing of HCS forests located in West KalimantanForesthints NewsMonitoring
4418 Jan 2017BumitamaDeforestation, destruction of HCV forest, development on peatland, developing without permit, and failure to meet timetables in pursuing for RSPO certificationGreenpeaceMonitoring
4512 Feb 2016PT Abdi Budi MuliaAllegation on Human Rights abusesAmnesty InternationalMonitoring
4624 Nov 2016PT Tunas Baru Lampung Tbk (TBLA)Forests and/or peatlands clearingForesthints News, Chain Reaction ResearchClosed
4727 Sep 2016Indofood/ Salim GroupDeforestation, development on peat, and exploitation on labourGreenpeaceClosed
4827 Sep 2016GoodhopeDeforestation, development on peat, and exploitation of local communityGreenpeaceClosed
4927 Sep 2016Eagle High PlantationsDeforestation, development on peat, utilization of fire for plantation development, and exploitation of human rightsGreenpeaceClosed
5027 Sep 2016TH Plantations, Austindo Nusantara Jaya (ANJ)Peat area clearingGreenpeaceClosed
5120 Sep 2016PT Andika Permata Sawit Lestari (APSL)Illegal burning and preventing smog inspectors from performing an investigation at its concession through intimidationThe Guardian, The Jakarta PostMonitoring
5219 Apr 2016ApicalCPO sourcing from palm oil mills receiving illegal FFB grown inside the Tesso Nilo National Park and government-protected areasEyes on the Forest (EoF)Closed
5319 Apr 2016Asian AgriPurchase of illegal FFB grown inside Tesso Nilo National Park and government-protected areasEyes on the Forest (EoF)Closed
5429 Agu 2015Kencana Agri Group - PT Sawindo CemerlangHCS forests clearingGreenomicsClosed
5520 Mei 2015Austindo Nusantara Jaya Agri (ANJ)Forest clearingGreenomicsClosed
565 Agu 2018PT Sawit Sumbermas Sarana Tbk (SSS)Forest clearance, impacting forested peat land and orang-utan habitatGreenomics, Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA), Chain Reaction ResearchClosed