Pelacak Keluhan/Pembaruan Kasus

No.Date ReceivedGroup/CompanyCase DetailsOrganizationStatus
12021/05/01 PT Eagle High PlantationAllegation of deforestation in PT Tandan Sawit Papua, a subsidiary of PT Eagle High Plantation (PT EHP).Internal report and Mighty EarthMonitoring
230/06/2021PT Triputra Agro PersadaAllegation of deforestation in PT Brahma Binabakti, a subsidiary of PT Triputra Agro Persada (PT TAP).Mighty Earth Monitoring
32021/03/05PT Astra Agro LestariAllegation of deforestation in PT Agincourt Resources (PT AR) - a mining company of Astra International. PT AR linked with PT Astra Agro Lestari (PT AAL) in a group level.Mighty EarthMonitoring
42021/06/01 PT Global Sawit SemestaSourcing from PT Laot Bangko which allegedly clearin forestRANMonitoring – in progress
52021/03/05 Bumi Gading Prima GroupAllegation of deforestation in PT Bumi Agro Prima.Mighty EarthMonitoring – in progress
621/09/2020PT Syaukath SejahteraAllegation that PT Syaukath Sejahtera sourcing from PT Tualang Raya, that is claimed engaged in deforestationRANClosed
72020/06/06 QL Oil GroupAllegation on clearing of forest by PT Pipit Mutiara Indah (PT PMI), a subsidiary of QL Oil GroupMighty Earth Monitoring – in progress
82020/04/04 CB Industrial Product HoldingsClearing forest in the PT Sawit Lamandau Raya and PT Jaya Jadi Utama, a subsidiary of CB Industrial Product Holdings (CBIPH)Mighty EarthMonitoring
92020/01/02Agrosubur GroupClearing forest in the PT Karya Dewi Putra, a subsidiary of Agrosubur Group.Mighty EarthMonitoring
102020/07/02 ApicalAllegation on CPO sourcing from palm oil mill receiving illegal FFB grown inside a protected areasJikalahariClosed
11201/06/12 Agro Sarimas GroupAllegation of deforestation in PT Agro Sarimas Indonesia (PT ASI)Mighty EarthMonitoring
122019/06/12GoodhopeAllegation of deforestation in PT RIM CapitalMighty EarthClosed
132019/06/12 Bumitama GroupAllegation of deforestation in PT Damai Agro Sejahtera & PT Andalan Sukses MakmurMighty EarthMonitoring
142019/06/11Low Yat GroupAllegation of deforestation in PT Prima Bahagiapermai Sejati (PT PBS).Mighty EarthClosed
152019/04/11 Makin GroupAllegation of clearing forest and forest fires in several concession change to allegation on forest fires.GreenpeaceClosed
162019/11/10 STH GROUPAllegation on clearing of forest by PT Makmur Bersama Asia, a subsidiary of STH Group.Mighty EarthMonitoring
172019/07/01 Kirana MegataraAllegation of deforestation in PT Putra Katingan Pratama (PT PKP) concession.Mighty EarthClosed
182019/10/09 GoodhopeAllegation of clearing forest in PT Sumber Hasil Prima (PT SHP) concession.Mighty EarthClosed
1913/08/2019KLK BerhadAllegation of peat development in PT Menteng Jaya Sawit Perdana (PT MJSP) concession.Mighty EarthClosed
2018/07/2019 & 06/11/2019Makin GroupAllegation of clearing peat forest in PT Mekar Karya Kahuripan (PT MKK) and clearing forest in PT Cipta Karsa Kahuripan concession.Mighty EarthClosed
2118/07/2019Kencana Agri LtdAllegation of deforestation in PT Agro Sawit Mas Lestari (PT ASML) concession.Mighty Earth Closed
2218/07/2019Sumber Tani Agung (STA)Allegation of deforestation in PT Tantahan Panduhup Asi (PT TPA) concession.Mighty EarthClosed
2318/07/2019DSN GroupAllegation of deforestation in PT Prima Sawit Andalan (PT PSA) & PT Putra Utama Lestari (PT PUL) concession.Mighty EarthClosed
2418/07/2019Asian AgriAllegation of deforestation in PT Usaha Sawit Unggul concession.Mighty EarthClosed
252019/09/07 Ahmad Zaki ResourcesAllegation of deforestation in PT Ichtiar Gusti Pudi (PT IGP) concession.MaphubsClosed
262019/08/06 Bakrie GroupForest clearance by PT Menthobi Mitra Lestari, a subsidiary of Bakrie Group.Mighty EarthClosed
2722/05/2019Perkebunan NusantaraAllegation on clearing of forest by PT Perkebunan Nusantara II Prafi, a subsidiary of Perkebunan NusantaraMighty EarthClosed
282019/08/03Palma Serasih GroupAllegation on clearing of forest by PT Global Primatama Mandiri & PT Nusantara Agro Sentosa, subsidiary of Palma Serasih Group.Mighty EarthMonitoring – in progress
2930/01/2019Triputra Agro Persada GroupAllegation on clearing of forest by PT Dwiwira Lestari Jaya, a subsidiary of Triputra Agro Persada Group.Mighty EarthClosed
3031/10/2018Mulia SawitAllegation in clearance of peat forest by PT Persada Era Agro Kencana, a subsidiary of MSAL GroupMighty EarthClosed
3122/09/2018IndonusaAlleged of clearing of forest by PT Internusa Jaya Sejahtera, a subsidiary of IndonusaMighty Earth Closed
3224/08/2018Asam Jawa / MusirawasAlleged of development on peatland by PT Sumur Pandawangi, a subsidiary of Asam Jawa / Musirawas.Mighty Earth Closed
3315/5/2018Central Cipta Murdaya (CCM)Allegation of forest clearance by PT Hardaya Inti Plantation, a subsidiary of CCMGreenpeaceMonitoring
3415/05/2018DTK OpportunityAllegation of forest clearance including peatland forest by PT Lahan Agro Inti Ketapang (PT LAIK)GreenpeaceClosed
3515/05/2018Anglo-Eastern PlantationForest Clearance by PT Kahayan Agro Plantation, a subsidiary of AEPGreenpeace and Mighty EarthMonitoring – in progress
3615/05/2018GAMAAllegation of deforestation in GAMA concessionsGreenpeaceClosed
3723/05/2018Multiple SuppliersSuppliers found receiving FFB from the Tesso Nilo National Park, Bukit Batabuh Tiger CorridorEyes on the Forest (EoF)Monitoring
382015/10 - 2015/07Federal Land Development Agency (FELDA)/ Felda Global Ventures (FGV)Violation of labour laws, clearance of natural forest, peatland development, exploitation of plantation workersWall Street Journal (WSJ), Aidenvironment, GreenpeaceMonitoring
392017/04/10 Sepanjang Group - PT Permata Sawit MandiriClearing of HCS forests located in West KalimantanForesthints NewsMonitoring
4018/01/2017BumitamaDeforestation, destruction of HCV forest, development on peatland, developing without permit, and failure to meet timetables in pursuing for RSPO certificationGreenpeaceMonitoring
412016/02/12 PT Abdi Budi MuliaAllegation on Human Rights abusesAmnesty InternationalMonitoring
4224/11/2016PT Tunas Baru Lampung Tbk (TBLA)Forests and/or peatlands clearingForesthints News, Chain Reaction ResearchClosed
4327/09/2016Indofood/ Salim GroupDeforestation, development on peat, and exploitation on labourGreenpeaceClosed
4427/09/2016GoodhopeDeforestation, development on peat, and exploitation of local communityGreenpeaceClosed
4527/09/2016Eagle High PlantationsDeforestation, development on peat, utilization of fire for plantation development, and exploitation of human rightsGreenpeaceMonitoring
4627/09/2016TH Plantations, Austindo Nusantara Jaya (ANJ)Peat area clearingGreenpeaceClosed
4720/09/2016PT Andika Permata Sawit Lestari (APSL)Illegal burning and preventing smog inspectors from performing an investigation at its concession through intimidationThe Guardian, The Jakarta PostMonitoring
4819/04/2016ApicalCPO sourcing from palm oil mills receiving illegal FFB grown inside the Tesso Nilo National Park and government-protected areasEyes on the Forest (EoF)Closed
4919/04/2016Asian AgriPurchase of illegal FFB grown inside Tesso Nilo National Park and government-protected areasEyes on the Forest (EoF)Closed
5029/08/2015Kencana Agri Group - PT Sawindo CemerlangHCS forests clearingGreenomicsClosed
5120/05/2015Austindo Nusantara Jaya Agri (ANJ)Forest clearingGreenomicsClosed
522015/08/05 PT Sawit Sumbermas Sarana Tbk (SSS)Forest clearance, impacting forested peat land and orang-utan habitatGreenomics, Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA), Chain Reaction ResearchClosed