To ensure that the standards set out in our policies are being adhered to we have set up a robust grievance handling process for all stakeholders to raise concerns related to our business or suppliers. All grievances raised are dealt with in a transparent and accountable manner. The grievance process is managed and implemented by our Grievance Steering Committee (GSC), Grievance Secretariat, Stakeholder Engagement Team and Verification Team.

A Grievance Steering Committee (GSC) consisting of senior management and sustainability lead shepherds all policy compliance and grievances resolution within Apical’s supply chain and operations.

Apical’s Grievance Secretariat (GSR) consists of dedicated personnel from the Group’s Sustainability team. The GSR is tasked to assess, monitor and identify potential grievance issues within our supply chain through grievance alerts and a monitoring system.

With this system, any external feedback or allegations received through our grievance mechanism and whistle blowers are tracked and acted on if any suppliers are found to have violated the Apical Sustainability Policy or Sourcing Policy. The total area of illegal/non-compliant deforestation recorded after December 2015 until December 2020 for all our suspended suppliers is about 60,000 hectares.

Grievance Procedure

The Apical Grievance Procedure covers all activities related to the management of stakeholders’ concerns. Our grievance process includes a whistleblowing channel and a Grievance Alert System that delivers prompt notifications on matters raised against Apical or our suppliers. The process of dealing with a grievance is illustrated on the flow diagram below.

Grievance Case

In 2020, there were 6 grievances raised against our suppliers. These are in our grievance tracker below. Apart from grievances tracked at group-level, each refinery also has their own grievance management process.

View Grievance Tracker

How to submit grievance

Grievance submissions should be made using the Grievance Submission Form below.

Grievance can be submitted via any of the following channels:


Level 6, Tower 2, Avenue 5
Bangsar South City No. 8
Jalan Kerinchi 59200
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


+603 2785 8999


Grievance Secretariat

Aside from providing verification and feedback to any grievance raised, Apical values feedback and inputs from our stakeholders as a constructive way to enhance transparency in the supply chain and assist in monitoring progress on the implementation of their Sustainability Policy.